Founded in the Fall of 1876, Kagirinai Academy has been a mainstay for the rich and elite of Japan for over a century and a quarter. With its (relatively) humble beginnings on the Island of Kagirinai proper, the inaugural class of thirty brave college students, led by their Class President (and my Grandfather) Omura Chokichi, paved the way for success. Each student, upon graduating, paid their dues by staying with the school to improve upon and continue its achievement.

Not until the centennial anniversary of the the school did the world truly learn of this special place. The academy remained a hidden gem for the rich and powerful of the “Land of the Rising Sun”, with the school for many years a ‘behind-the-scenes’ contributer to the worlds major powers. Only since the induction of the current Dean of the Academy – myself, Dr. Omura Kisho – has the school become even open to the public eye. While still an elite school (with a base cost of one year tuition at $100,000 US), he has started and helped fund a large number of scholarships and work study programs that make the school accessible to the worthy students that have earned a spot at the college through raw merit. Similarly, the news of the school has reached the world, leading to a diversification of the campus. Since 1979, we have witnessed what was once a 2% non-Japanese population grow to nearly 10%!

Today, the school thrives on a rich and diverse student population, with a graduating class size of roughly 300 students per grade. The school itself spans all three of the islands encompassing the Kagirinai Island chain. Within the school limits lies 6 individual cities with over 100 businesses to keep the micro-economy of the school alive.

The academy, being so far away from other schools of its size and prestige, maintains its own Intramural sports league, known as the Kagirinai Sports Association, or KSA. Four teams for each sanction approved sport compete yearly in season and tournament playoff games to take home each prospective Kagirinai Cup. Once per year, Kagirinai and its rival Academy, Angugakkou Academy (located roughly 50 miles to the south), Compete in one agreed upon sport for the right to hoist the Chokichi-Manzo Cup (named for the two school’s founders) and keep it for the year. To this day, Kagirinai’s ‘All-Star’ Varsity Clubs have remained virtually untarnished – save for 1 blemish. Will you continue the winning tradition?

If non-sports related clubs are more your speed, the school’s thriving activity base is sure to impress. Everything from Engineering to Surfing, from gaming to game design, from Forensic Debate to Computer Forensics to Criminal Forensics to Criminal Law… the depth of our clubs may very well dive forever. Whatever age or interest, there is always something to be doing.

When hungry, look no further than our countless restaurants and diners found spread across the campus. No matter what ethnicity of cuisine or dish desired, there is sure to be a food venue that provides it. And don’t forget the famous Dairy Delight, the home of the fabled ‘Orange Lazarus’. See if you can drink it and be the first to best the ‘Brain Freeze Challenge’ (a popular event since its creation in 1946)!

So we leave you with this question prior to arriving at Kagirinai for this 2009 school year: Are you ready? Are you ready to succeed on arguably the biggest hidden stage of the world? Are you ready to take what may be your first steps in the shoes of global history? Are you ready to make a difference?

Are you ready… for Kagirinai Academy?

Good Luck,
Omura Kisho – Dean of Education/President

Kagirinai Gakuen

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