Kagirinai Gakuen

Personal Journals
A care package by any other name...

You open your “Welcome to Kagirinai” tote bag to discover, among other things, a large leather-bound journal with the words “Your Story” pressed into the cover. Inside is a note from the Dean:

“While not a mandatory part of your curriculum, it is recommended that students take the time to write about their experiences here at Kagirinai Academy. Feel free to write about both good times and bad – this is one lesson you won’t have to be worried about getting graded on!

Dean Omura"

((I will give everyone that played on any given day the opportunity to chronicle their misadventure here on the Adventure Log for a bonus Break Point. Write it in your character’s voice and make it an extension of your roleplaying experience! It doesn’t have to be long, but it should obviously be your character writing it. You have to finish it before the next time you play or you forfeit the bonus Break Point.))


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