Ludwin Barret Braydon IV



Ludwin’s parents have spent years training and grooming him to be the next great Necromancer. Every day his parents subjected him to rigorous training exercises and ingrained in him the values and teachings necessary for him to take on his seat in the counsel; however the time had come for him to gain more experience with the real world.

With that in mind, Ludwin’s parents sent him off to the most prestigious school they could find, Kagarinai Academy. In order to learn about “normal” society, Ludwin will spend a few years at the academy adapting to their culture… And Ludwin couldn’t be happier. Necromancy is SCARY and the undead weren’t any more pleasant! Finally, Lewy can relax and live a normal life free from conflict; a life where he won’t be surrounded by monsters (and other scary things) all the time! Lewy can have a nice peaceful life and maybe when its all over, parents will realize he isn’t cut out for the dark arts.

With no one to force him to train nor scary monsters to worry about, Lewy is excited to move on with his school life… But the eyes of his parents are ever watchful. As Lewy settles into his new life, he’s unaware that his father’s servant has also moved onto the campus and threatens to shatter the false image of a normal life Lewy so desperately wants.

Ludwin Barret Braydon IV

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